Learn to meditate

Learning to meditate is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. And seeing as though you take your mind with you everywhere you go, it’s a wise investment to learn how to keep it cool, calm and effortlessly collected.

The power of Vedic Meditation lies in its simplicity. Unlike other forms of meditation, which require focus, concentration, and time. Vedic Meditation is a 20 min twice daily practice. 

View the different Course options below to Learn To Meditate.

1. FREE Introductory Session

Join me for a no-obligation Free Introductory session where I will take you through the benefits of Vedic Meditation, how this technique is different to other styles of meditation, what is involved in taking the course, and how this simple, effortless technique improves your health, give you mental clarity and how it works for everybody. 

This is also a time to answer any questions that you have. 

Register for a zoom or phone call by clicking the buton below.

2. Upcoming In-Person Courses

The Learn To Meditate course fee is a one-time payment that includes:

  • 4 x 90mins sessions over consecutive days.
  • Life time access to weekly group meditations and private Facebook groups, and access to an amazing community
  • Ability to take the course again for free (as a refresher) with any accredited teacher of Vedic Meditation worldwide.

3. One to One Private Course Options

Private courses are a great way to get one-on-one instruction and learn at your own scheduled times and location. This is also a fantastic option for couples or families wanting to have a shared experience of learning this profound technique together.

If you would like to learn Vedic Meditation I am offering private sessions outside of the ones listed above. Please message me to discuss options.

Payment plans are available, and options for people having any difficulty financially – please reach out.

4. On-Demand Courses

If you would rather practice and learn in the privacy of your own home I have a range of different online offerings from pre-recorded courses to scheduled live-streams and a weekly subscription to help you Find Your Calm in the tranquility of your own space.

MS Courses Grid Module Title

Members only
Embark on a Weekly Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Transformation Here Is What You Will Get With Your Weekly $9 Subscription…I TAKE THE ...
1 Lectures
Members only
21 days (3 Weeks)
$127 $9
The 21-day journey to self program is the perfect way to expand and build on your current practices through integrating specific Breathwork techniq...
8 Lectures
21 days (3 Weeks)
A complete program that trains breathwork and meditation coaches with the use of meditation, mantra, peak performance, and the neuroscience behind ...
86 Lectures
12 Weeks
8 Weeks (16 Practices)
$297 $47
Over 8 weeks (16 practices), The Art of Flow course will give you the foundational tools and techniques that we have been integrating into our live...
20 Lectures
8 Weeks (16 Practices)

5. Group Meditation For Experienced Meditators

Every Wednesday on Facebook  and Zoom – 6:30 am

Every Wednesday morning at 6.30am AEDST. This session is open to anyone who has learned VM or TM.

We go online at 6.30am and eyes closed from 6.35am followed by Q+A

You can access the private Facebook group.  HERE 

Or if you aren’t on Facebook – you can access the Zoom session by using Meeting ID 

These group meditations are a great way to keep up with your practice and to have any questions answered that may arise.   The Wednesday morning group meditations will now be a permanent offering from me. I will be doing extra in-person sessions when I am travelling to Newcastle/Byron/Gold Coast. To keep up to date with them you will need to join the Facebook group or send me an email to go onto the mailing list.

Private courses

Private courses are a great way to get one-on-one instruction and learn at your own scheduled times and location. This is also a fantastic option for couples or families wanting to have a shared experience of learning this profound technique together.

Private course pricing is $1500 


Ascending Minds Corporate Meditation

Meditation in the workplace has been shown to produce benefits for both companies and their employees. I can teach your staff new techniques for stress management and wellbeing.

My workplace meditation training can be delivered as a series of classes or as a one-off workshop. More info here or email me to discuss.  These are done with my other business Ascending Minds – to see our many programs, see the link below.

How The Learn To Meditate Course Works

The Learn To Meditate course consists of 4 x 90 minute sessions taught over 4 consecutive sessions.

On the first day you’ll be given your personal mantra and taught how to use it to effortlessly have a meditation experience. The next 3 sessions are all about refining your technique.  You’ll also learn the mechanics of how Vedic Meditation works, and the theory behind it.  We go through your experiences and what to expect as you keep this practice in your daily life.   We will also go through what’s happening in the body, and how stress is eliminated from the physiology which allows you to become adaptive to life.  I will then teach you what is optimum practice and what is practical and help you integrate it into your life. 

By the end of the course you’ll be a self-sufficient meditator with a practice you can do without the use of any apps.  It is available to you anywhere, anytime, and something you have for the rest of your life.   It’s an investment in YOU.

After the course?

After the course you’ll have access to a lifetime of support from me.  There are also Free group meditations, email follow up, and periodic follow up to see how you’re going with your practice, and the option to sit the course again at no cost if you ever fall off the wagon and want to get back on!!