21 Day – Path to Potential

Embark on the 21-Day Journey to Potential and unleash your inner power through breathwork and meditation for holistic growth.

Introducing the 21-Day Journey to Potential: Unleash Your Inner Power

Are you on a quest to seamlessly incorporate breathwork and meditation into your daily routine?

Look no further. Our Journey to Potential program is designed to lay the perfect groundwork for you to not only establish consistent practices but also to harmonise and enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Here Is A Sneak Peak Of What You Will Get…
  • 3 x 7 Day Practices designed to be completed over the 3 weeks.   1 x Practice per week.
  • ​Access to proven, ancient technologies that have been around for thousands of years designed to unlock the blockages and fears that have been holding you back.
  • This particular practice is a complete program that is designed to be done over 21 days to unlock the energy centres of your body and start you on your journey of transforming your life without having to leave your house, and each practice is a maximum of 12 minutes per day.
  • ​Our 21-day journey to self program is the perfect way to expand and build on your current practices through integrating specific Breathwork techniques designed to enliven your soul and deliver more alignment and transcendence to your daily life.

What You’ll Gain:

Holistic Alignment: Each week, we delve into a different aspect of your being with a live call and content that fosters awareness and cultivates knowledge in these three crucial areas.

Energizing Practices: Engage in specific breathwork and kriya practices that will leave you feeling present, energised, and crystal clear on your life’s direction and where to channel your energy.

Life in Flow: Learn how to live a life in flow and step into your potential.

Revitalising Shifts: Whether you’ve felt the urge to make some changes, try something new, or have slipped off the path (which is easy to do during the colder winter months), this program is your perfect sadhana.

Deepening Knowledge: If you’re someone looking to expand and deepen your practice and knowledge through these ancient practices, this program is an ideal fit.

Your Investment:
We’re offering this transformative 21-Day Journey to Potential program for a mere $33. The best part? 100% of your investment will go towards B1G1, providing love and support to those in need.
This is your ultimate chance to nurture your inner self while extending love to others. We can’t wait to guide you on this journey to potential.

Join us today and embark on a journey that promises personal growth, inner peace, and a life lived in harmony with your true potential.


CONFUSED ON WHERE TO GET STARTED: The 21-Day Sadhana practice is for complete beginners or advanced practitioners wanting to take their practice to the next level and for people who are curious about breathwork and have been exposed to other techniques, and want to deepen their practice and understanding of Himalayan Breathwork

STUCK WITH PERSONAL LIMITATIONS: For anyone who feels like they can’t control all the negative limitations that are holding them back from achieving their goals in life and want to develop mental and emotional capabilities to create a better life. This practice will boost your immune system, align the energy centres of the body and calm the mind

WANTING TO BECOME A BREATHWORK COACH: For anyone who is looking to become a Coach, this 21-Day practice will be a great introduction to Himalayan Breathwork and will give you a better understanding of these ancient practices for yourself so you are able to see the benefits and can begin to understand how you can incorporate breathwork into your offerings.



Introducing Your Trainers

Geoff Rupp and Dan Johnson

Geoff has 30-plus years in the corporate sector in television. The last 10 years he has been studying with Masters in India, gaining ancient knowledge from the East to integrate into our lives in the West. Geoff has studied Vedic Meditation, Sattva Yoga, Himalayan Breathwork, Kriya and other modalities all designed to enliven the potential of everyone, to be the best version of themselves. As part of his integration coaching model, Geoff has also studied Vedic Astrology and uses the information contained in an individual’s chart to help people understand the choices they make in life based on the planetary influences playing out for greater self-realisation.

Dan comes from a long background in the health and fitness industry, whilst also spending time on the construction industry as a business owner. Over the years he has honed his focus towards a holistic approach and understanding the psychology behind fulfilment, performance, and action. Through integrating his learnings from his studies of eastern and western modalities, such as yoga, Himalayan breathwork, performance coaching, habit change and holistic health science, he has had profound success with a large number of clients from all walks of life, helping people integrate the right tools and techniques to live happy, fulfilling and healthy lives.

Together Geoff and Dan design and implement holistic programs for individuals wanting an “edge” in life and for the modern workplace tailored for the current dynamic, ever changing environment.

Through guided, practical, and measurable integration and combination of ancient eastern practices and techniques, with the leading edge of performance, productivity and health from the west, the powerful duos programs are ideal for any person, whose desire is to evolve, thrive and achieve their best life.

We use Meditation, Astrology, Himalayan Breathwork and Yoga with the most up to date Peak Performance strategies and science for greater self-realisation.

If you are ready to make a change and find your purpose, we will take you there.

Geoff Rupp and Dan Johnson