Jyotish: Vedic Astrology

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is a spiritual science (the eye of the veda) that is proactive in helping humanity and yourself to evolve. It is the journey of the Self. Jyotish is about the Atman (Soul) not the ego. Just as the seed holds the memory of a tree, when we look at your chart – with your birth time/date/place – we see the seed event of your life.


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Jyotish helps us understand our flow in time. .

We use planets and zodiac signs, as the planets are connected to our chakras – our energy centres of the body.

The planets are also the keeper of the memory of earth – the keepers of time.

Each individual is controlled by our own choices we make in life.   Each planet has high value energy, and low value.    When I look at someone’s chart we can see where you are at, at this point in your life.   We also look at what your dharmic path (your evolutionary role) is, and where karma (the fulfilment of desire) is also playing a part.

Having a Vedic astrology reading is designed to get you into a state of flow in time for greater self-realisation.   It’s about relevant behaviours at the relative time.   We don’t create the future, we meet the future and we have free will.   It is how we choose to react or respond to certain situations which determines your experience of it.

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All it takes is having a slight change to reach a whole new destination

Ultimately, it’s fear that stops humans from reaching their full potential – so if you have a bit of guidance from the stars – that is specific for you – it helps you through the karmic and dharmic path of your life.    Who doesn’t want that?   We need to refine ourselves to tune into the higher values – and be aware of when we are hitting the low values.

A reading will help you to understand the planets influences on your life, as they are the great teachers, to really help you expand, but also if you are struggling to make sense of things.   I find once people have had a reading, everything makes sense, so you aren’t fighting the energy and time.   You will have a greater sense of clarity of where you are going and the timing of things.  It’s not about individual destiny, it’s clarity over everything in life.  Greater self-realisation.

During the reading – if necessary – to help with what’s going on in life.   I will also prescribe some techniques and things you can do which can help guide or transition through certain periods.   Techniques that will also elevate your frequency, and also gem stones that may be relevant for you, if you wish to do that.


General Reading (Initial Reading)


A general overview of your dharmic path (evolutionary role) & what planetary energies have been playing out in your life since the time of your birth. Looking at the high values and low values and looking at how you’ve navigated your chart so far.

Follow-Up Reading


If you have already had an initial reading.  We revisit your chart with any questions that are coming up for you right now.   During the reading you will also receive an Upaya (Remedy) or practice to help you navigate with grace.

Career / Life Path


Finding purpose in your career path and aligning to your life path. Look at the year ahead in more detail with how you are using your time to gain resources for expansion, not only in career, but in all aspects. These sessions comes with a personal practice consisting of breath, kriya, mantra

This reading can also be used to help sell a business, or start a business, looking at the areas to focus and dates to align.



Understanding yourself on a deeper level –  what influences you, and what type of people you attract into your life. This session shows your relationship of yourSelf, your Self worth and how you are relating to others and how others see you based on the signs aspecting your relationships house in the chart. Romantic partnerships can also be looked at in terms of understanding each other on a deeper level. This session comes with a personal practice consisting of breath, kriya, mantra.



What’s standing in your way from having a practice.    What’s the smallest step you can take forward now?   

What past life punya  (merit) – have you bought through to activate in this lifetime?

Practices and techniques to align your spiritual path, bringing your life into greater alignment with nature and purpose.

Deepening Vedic teachings and holistic lifestyle 

These sessions comes with a personal practice consisting of breath, kriya, mantra



Looking at future transits and how they will affect you energetically. We go through practices to enhance and amplify what planets are incoming into your chart to harness their energy for maximum benefit.

The japa practices prescribed have been called “superpowers” and have the power to take you to the next level.

Other breathwork practices and Sadana’s are also given if you would like to tap into the deeper spiritual aspect. 

Current Transits


This session goes into more detail in what is happening currently in your chart.   The first reading is an overview of what energies are playing out from when you were born. 

This reading is more specific to now. I look at where the planets are currently in relation to your birth chart so you can gain a greater understanding of what energy and practices are best for you now. 

This session comes with a personal practice consisting of breath, kriya & mantra.

– Own Your Path – Integrative Approach


The Own your Path package will help you take control of your life, help you understand what is holding you back, and give you the framework to continue the path of least resistance. Provide you with clarity to understand yourself on a deeper level.

This package consists of the Career/Life Path, Relationships, Spirituality, Integration & Current Transits readings. 

This sessions are done conscutively, at your own leisure, with a minimum of 7 days between each session.