Hear from Others

Geoff Rupp Meditation Stories

“I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know which way to turn. I did study Vedic Meditation with him first, and I really found it beneficial to be able to come back privately with him and really dissect the WHY I was stuck. I can’t recommend this session enough. He doesn’t beat around the bush and is very honest and it was confronting in places, but I am in a great place now and it is because of Geoff. Thanks Geoff.”

-Veronica 39 yo Solicitor

    “I was taught to meditate by Geoff Rupp a little over six months ago. Since then I have meditated twice a day, as we have been taught, and it has gifted me with calm. Where my thoughts were once chaotic and frantic I can can now remain level-headed and certain. I hope that I can maintain this quiet confidence through the rest of my life. Also, I cannot recommend the coconut tea highly enough.”

    – Tom 25yo Digital marketer

    “Geoff’s gentle and down-to-earth approach made my experience of learning meditation so comfortable. The technique he teaches is not only simple, I felt the affects immediately, and most importantly, it’s simple enough to integrate into my life as a televsion producer.”

    – Veialu Aila-Unsworth, Sydney

    “Being from India, I was skeptical at first but I quickly changed my mind after my first session with Geoff. He genuinely cares and his knowledge is impressive. I would reccommend to any of my friends back home in India and in Australia to learn from him.”

    – Vir Satyan, Sales Manager

    “I had a Private session with Geoff 6 months ago and it was transformative for me. He is very generous with his time, and was checking in with me which made me feel supported. I feel I received a lot more than what I paid for and it really helped”

    – Matt 46yo Executive Consultant