Vedic Meditation is an effortless meditation technique, where we sit comfortably in a chair, close our eyes, and use a mantra (sound vibration) to trigger deep rest in the mind and body.  It requires very little effort and no concentration.  Anyone can do it.


Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is a spiritual science (the eye of the veda) that is proactive in helping humanity and yourself to evolve. It is the journey of the Self. Jyotish is about the Atman (Soul) not the ego. Just as the seed holds the memory of a tree, when we look at your chart – with your birth time/date/place – we see the seed event of your life.

Himalayan Breathwork

Sattva Yoga (Himalayan Breathwork) encompasses various elements such as Hatha Yoga, meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing), Kriya, mantra, freedom movement, and transcendental wisdom.