What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is an effortless meditation technique, where we sit comfortably in a chair, close our eyes, and use a mantra (sound vibration) to trigger deep rest in the mind and body.  It requires very little effort and no concentration.  Anyone can do it.

It produces benefits immediately.  Learning Vedic Meditation teaches you how to be effortless in life, and to surrender to the body’s natural intelligence.   This allows our body and mind to enter a state of deep rest, and the body starts to repair.    Stress naturally starts to be eliminated from the body, and you are left with a baseline of bliss (happiness).   Once you have this baseline of happiness inside, you no longer go searching for things outside of you which are only ever going to give you fleeting happiness.

If you have a crazy monkey mind and you think you can’t transcend thought, then you have found the technique for you. The power of Vedic Meditation lies in its simplicity. Unlike other forms of meditation, which require focus, concentration, and time. Vedic Meditation is a 20 min twice daily practice. This effective meditation practice is ancient knowledge designed for todays modern world. If you want an edge in life, a quieter mind, and less stress in your body, which in turn helps your immune system, along with all the many other benefits, then look no further….


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