Find Your Calm Weekly Subscription

Embark on a Weekly Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Transformation

Here Is What You Will Get With Your Weekly $9 Subscription…

  • Weekly: Each week I’ll give you a practice to do and show you how to do it
  • ​Monthly: Each month you will learn a Japa mantra practice to increase physical and mental well-being, while reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  • Breathwork:  Transformational Himalayan Breathwork practices for centering and grounding
  • Group Meditation: Monthly there will be LIVE group meditations with Q+A so you can deepen your practices and ask any questions.
  • Tried Everything?:  I will use different meditation and breathwork techniques handed down for thousands of years as well as some of the most current mindfulness practices.
  • Support: I’ll be there for you to support you as you need, answer questions and keep you accountable.   As you commit to the practices, it’s inevitable “stuff” is going to come up.   Now you have access to a teacher to guide you through it.
  • ​Bonus 1: You will also get access to extra sessions that are done on other groups I run.
  • Bonus 2:  You’ll be able to book a Free Private 15min Session with myself valued at $250 to learn how to align to your purpose.
  • Extra Bonus​: Membership includes 30% off my Vedic Meditation courses and Astrology Readings 


Enrolled: 4 students
Lectures: 1
Level: Beginner