Learn To Meditate – Sydney (Clovelly) July 13th+14th


Sat – 10.30am – 3pm 

Sun 10.30am – 3pm 



  • Sat – 10.30am – 3pm   (2 sessions – with lunch break)
  • Sun 10.30am – 3pm   (2 sessions – with lunch break)

Unlock the transformative power of meditation with the four-session Vedic Meditation course led by Geoff Rupp. In this course, you will embark on a journey to discover the profound benefits of Vedic Meditation and gain the tools to become a self-sufficient, daily meditator.

What’s Included:

  • Personalised Mantra: Receive your own unique mantra tailored to your individual needs.
  • Masterful Instruction: Four sessions of expert guidance and instruction by Geoff to ensure you master the technique.
  • Lifetime Support: Enjoy a lifetime of follow-up support, including:
  • Contact Geoff directly with any questions or concerns.
  • Unlimited opportunities to retake the group course with Geoff or recommended colleagues worldwide.
  • Regular Group Meditation & Knowledge Meetings with Geoff and fellow meditators worldwide.
  • Access to a private Facebook Community, connecting you with like-minded individuals on the same journey.
  • Exclusive priority access to retreats and events hosted by Geoff or Ascending Minds

Course Highlights

Over four 90-minute sessions, Geoff will empower you with the skills to actualise your full potential through a self-sufficient meditation practice that you can carry with you for life. No apps, recordings, or studio visits required. Each session is a building block for the next, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the practice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Technique Mastery: Understand the mechanics of the Vedic Meditation technique, enabling independent practice.
  • Stress Release: Explore how meditation affects the mind and body, facilitating stress release.
  • Integration: Discover how to seamlessly incorporate meditation into your busy schedule.
  • Self-Discovery: Use the technique to gain profound insights into your experiences and understanding.

Upon course completion, you will possess both practical experience and intellectual comprehension to sustain your self-sufficient meditation practice. Experience the benefits of daily meditation and enjoy a lifetime of follow-up support, including complimentary Group Meditations and other integrated practices.

Unlock your full potential through the art of Vedic Meditation. Join me on this transformative journey today.