Day 7

Weight  96kg  Whoo Hoo  –  another Kg down..

Today is another BIG BASTI day – these days are usually the hardest as you can’t really eat anything all day.   I slept in this morning and skipped yoga – as I had been feeling tired.    I had to have my cup of organic freshly squeezed from the cow that morning (I am not joking) warm milk when I got up (it had been boiled first) –  that was breakfast!!

Treatment 1

Hot oil bath again  –  it is really nice – but you are in this bath thing and when you have to turn over it is not soft on the other side so I am finding that a bit painful  – plus you can imagine turning over while covered in oil  – all 6ft 5in of me..  I am sure it is a site to behold for the technicians.   

Then I am sent back to my room for the Big One..   Once again I get an audience  – the doctor comes in who is a bit weird, he is always looking at your things beside your bed to see what you have.  He has already borrowed 2 of my books, which I haven’t seen again yet, and today he wanted the yoga sheet I have for my (rounding) program.

The doctor is now taking my pulse and talking to me while the technicians are spreading my cheeks again and the big Basti is poured in…   This time I manage to hold on for a bit longer  – I want to make sure it gets right up to the top of my colon for a good cleanse.    When it is time for release  – they decide once again to keep me company. I am sure I am the dinner time conversion when they go home to their families.   This time though I was expecting it so it didn’t bother me as much. 

I am feeling rather tired today after that one  – so have tried to be as chilled out as possible.

Treatment 2

I have the oil dams again – this time I am lying on my stomach and

the dams are made at my lower back and at the base of my neck  – feels good – They also give me a face mask as well I am starting to like this..   

It can be a bit like ground hog day in here..  There are 16 patients here at the moment  – some have been here for 3 weeks already and still have a bit to go..  There are a couple of Americans from Boston who are really nice – but always have so many questions – so I try to avoid them in the dining area –  then there are the Lebanese couple also really nice but so hard to understand.  There is another Aussie guy, he’s keeping to himself and seems like a bit of a loner, and some Danish people – and then some new people I haven’t met who kind of look a bit weird so just steering clear of them.  So there are all sorts in here.  Glad I bought some friends with me, which has made it an easier experience. Highly recommended!!

I am so hungry today  – but all I am allowed to eat is this boiled rice  (that is still in water) it is so disgusting  –  I even tried putting Cinnamon in it – nothing can make it taste good..  So I go without, it’s just easier.    I have had 2 dreams at night now where I go to a fridge and there is a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese and I just grab a fork and am hoofing it into my mouth – Oh it tastes so good.  It is going to be weird leaving here and having to fend for myself again, when everything is done for you it is easy to eat right.    I keep thinking of all the temptations out there..  I am seriously thinking of staying vegan for a while now that I have done it for this long..  After getting everything out of my body with my Big Basti’s it seems wrong to go putting in meat that will be hard to digest.  Jury is still out.

Day 8

Weight 96kg..  Damn it..

Feeling good today.. I didn’t make it to morning yoga again  – but am aiming to do it tomorrow  – it felt more charming sleeping in a bit today..   I am starting to have really vivid dreams  – maybe this is what you get with a clean system and I am remembering them or I am just dreaming of escaping the asylum.  Still have a few days to go  – I do feel like I have been here for a long time – especially when you are cocooned in a sanctuary/asylum.  The staff here are amazing and they all meditate – it is compulsory, I love that.  Even though all the technicians are amazing they can be shy at the beginning and it’s been interesting watching them open up more and more as the days go on. You go through this whole detox program and you do become quite attached to your techs, but I suppose you are fully surrendering to them which is what makes it so special, and they literally see EVERYTHING.. there are no secrets so it’s inevitable, but there is so much respect.

Treatment 1

Today is another oil bath.  My knees were hurting yesterday when it was time to roll over – so today I told them and they had these special pads they put under my knees  – I was like  – WHY DIDN’T I JUST SAY SOMETHING the first time instead of suffering for 2 days first!!  – Another lesson learnt.  I had to lay there today covered over for about 30mins slathered in oil.  I am getting used to being oily.  We are not suppose to wash with soap when we go back to your room so you are always look a bit “glistening” during the day..  I must say my skin feels so good. 

Treatment 2

So I wasn’t sure what this was going to be  –  went in and got told to sit next to some contraption..  I was then blind folded  – given a head massage – which was quite nice, and then they turned on the machine.  It was a steamer.   They put a big cloth over my head and said start breathing  – so far so good – steaming my face etc..   Then POW  – they dropped something in the water which was like Camphor or something and was so strong  –  my nostrils were stinging  A LOT  –  the first thing that runs through my mind is  – all those years of Party Geoff  – might not have been good to my nostrils, and now I am paying for it..   This goes on for a bit and they put more in a bit later  –  this is by far the first treatment that I haven’t really enjoyed  –  and guess what  I have to do it again TOMORROW!!!!

So I manage to get through that – and then I have to get up on the table – and lay my head back – all the way back over the edge.  The doctor comes in and starts putting drops of God only knows what up my nostrils and I have to sniff hard..  This also goes on a few times until I can feel it up in my sinuses.     Then they let me go.  This is intense – I now have to keep my head wrapped up and warm for the next 2 hours – so this is what I do..    I find out later that this is a very powerful treatment, so I’m down with that, I mean I am here!!

Treatment 3

I have another treatment this afternoon  – it is the oil dams again  – I am starting to enjoy these and have now taken to falling asleep on the table when they do this..  When it was time to leave the treatment room today – I asked to stay for longer so I could snooze…  they let me..     Then I came back to my room for another hour of sleep..  My battery is definitely going to be recharged after this stint…   I was hungry again – apparently ayurvedic pizza tonight

– looking forward to seeing what this looks like…   Yes  it did taste like it looks!!  

Treatment 4

Another oil enema- the joy..  I am sure this guy just loves finishing his day every day giving me an oil enema… Then I get told it is my last one while I am here.   I tell him I will miss him, I don’t think he sees the humor.

Day 9.

95kg  – Whoo hoo..

I got up and went to yoga this morning, which was nice.  There were a couple of local people in there as well which was great and after class they showed us how to use a Neti pot – My sinus were well and truly clear after that and after what I did yesterday.  

Treatment 1

My last oil bath  – these were nice to begin with – but I am glad that this is the last one, they are very oily, I am kind of getting over the 4 handed massage.  It does feel good when it is finished  and you have to get out of this bath in nothing  but a dhoti  (white I may add) – seriously I don’t know why they bother – and getting back to the room trying not to slip – so you can take a shower.  

Treatment 2

My 2nd nasal treatment  – This time I am ready for this sucker..    It pretty much wiped me out yesterday when I was finished. (Apparently a side effect) This time my mind is ready.    It is much better the 2nd time around, and after sniffing the camphor  (I am actually not sure what it is)  – I lay my head back again so the doc can put drops up my nose while I sniff  – trying to make it go all the why up my cavities so I can feel it in the top of my head. Yes it is as horrendous as it sounds, but…  it’s suppose to be good for you.. They are also putting hot towels on my chest and the rest of my head – but today I am going to do it. I am going to get whatever it is up my into my sinuses…..     Mission accomplished after a sneezing fit – it is suppose to unblock the sinus cavity from your nose all the way through your head and your ears..  I must admit I am feeling much better today and clear.  It’s possible there has been a blockage there for a while!!

Treatment 3

Have the rings on my back and neck and today I also get an eye treatment, and they create those dams around my eyes, and then pour warm medicated ghee in there, and then I have to first leave my eyes closed  – then they tell you to open them in the ghee  –

WTF….   Then move your eye ball around and around..    It is the most weird experience.  This goes on for 15mins and when you are finished – no computer/phone or anything except rest for 4 hours, THAT I can do..

At night I still get given a head massage and a foot massage before I go to sleep, which is a nice way to finish off the day.

 Day 10

94kg…  Yes  back on a roll!!!

Had a great sleep last night  – I am sure because there was no oil enema inside me.  Did yoga again.

Treatment 1

Today I am treated to being rubbed down with a poultice made of boiled rice – which is dipped in honey and milk  – but long strokes…  This goes on for a while and feels really really nice.   I have to start thinking of dead cats so I don’t get aroused.  It is pretty good.    After that they pour buttermilk over me which seems like an eternity but it does feel so relaxing and amazing.   I come back to my room and crash out.   I am also starting to wonder how I am going to get through a normal day with all this rest I am having.

Treatment 2

Have the back dams – and the medicated ghee in the eyes again.  My friend Rose who has been here with me the whole time came back from her wrist treatment (she had sore wrists) looking like she had stepped out of the bible – Stigmata 

Then had my meeting with the doctor – apparently I am fully balanced again now and I do feel good.  Tomorrow is my last day of treatments, more milk baths.. 

Day 11

94kgs..   Ok this is it  – I think I have done well with the weigh loss  – I do look thinner, someone said I looked hungry – I was like GREAT – that is exactly the look I was going for!! 

Woke up ready for my milk bath, I think now my favorite treatment..    I also tip the technicians as it is the last time I am going to see them all together. My treatment feels better than yesterday – I think they are putting in extra effort today.

I have the medicated ghee in the eye again  – not sure I will ever get used to opening my eyes in medicated ghee  – it is the most weirdest feeling ever.. 

Later that afternoon the doctor comes in to advise that, that’s it – the PK treatments are done.  I am feeling amazing  – so healthy and clean – inside and out.  I get given a list of pills I can take home to help reintegrate  and he also goes through a list of  food that I should eat and ones to avoid – then food that shouldn’t be combined, so many rules..   but I am learning something.

I don’t think I am going to appreciate all the work that was done until I get out into the real world  (Apparently it takes 40 days to feel the full effects after leaving) – but I am ready to take it on again now, and also become a conscious eater and make sure I am aware of what I am putting into my body.

2 Weeks later…

A few weeks after I had completed this program, I felt amazing, and I did re-integrate well, you do become more careful about what you are putting into your body, because you can actually feel the food being processed.   I have since done Panchakarma 2 more times, and like I said at the beginning, I highly recommend it –   If you want a full body reset, then this is for you.   I don’t even get a cold or sniffle anymore, I have not seen a GP for over 2 years – apart to order the blood tests for my yearly cancer check ups.

If you want more information, just contact me and I am happy to explain more. 

Michalle Smith from Bondi Bliss runs a retreat that goes to India

If you want a taste of it, and some of the treatments.  She also does info talks etc.. 

Dylan Smith is a practitioner in Sydney and can be found at Vital Veda.  Highly recommended!

Thanks to my dear friend Rosetta Valenzisi who was with me on this journey and took the photos and was so much support and fun, we had many laughs together on this trip!! and Hannah for being part of the fun!!