The FULL MOON on Feb 5th will occur in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha which means “the entwiner” whose symbol is the coiled snake which represents kundalini or the serpent fire at the base of the spine (shakti) which when activated will bring spiritual enlightenment. 

During this period, you can have sudden insights, which can be transformative, it is a time to seek wisdom and dive more into spiritual teachings. 

The last full moon I spoke about it being about setting intentions and being introspective and starting to get clear on what you want to achieve this year.  This full moon is the halfway point in this cycle which started on the last new moon.  So use this full moon to take pause, see now if what intentions you set, are they still valid and where you want to be moving in 2023, or do you need to make some adjustments as you have had some sudden changes in your desires,  as this Nakshatra is ruled by Mercury, the planet of sudden changes, and Mercury is intellect, mind, learning, so use this energy to re-assess and align to your dharma as that is it’s primary motivation. 

If you want to change direction, NOW is the time for New insights,  New directions and revaluation, that’s what could be being brought to the forefront for you right now.   If you feel you need to let go of something…. Let it go… 

This is the time to be practicing some type of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, anything that guides you inward, be centred in the mind and the body, so you can hold and activate the energy, as it is represented by the serpent intertwining, this is energies intertwining, what stories do we have running under the surface that might be causing you “suffering” so go deep into your practice and work with the kundalini energy for more clarity and bring in more feminine energy to bring in the balance and start to feel your power.

If you are wanting to activate some kundalini during this time, you can access our free Foundations of Flow group (link in bio). 

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