FULL MOON in September 2023

Embracing us right after the equinox, the Full Moon Sept 29th in Uttara Bhadrapada—often symbolised as “lucky feet”—graces the skies in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. The imagery evoked by this star is the back legs of a bed, symbolising a place of rest and contemplation. Guided by the deity Ahirbudhnya, known as “The Serpent of the Deep,” this moon phase unveils profound insights from the depths of our consciousness—revealing answers and truths that were previously hidden.  It’s a time to tender a gentle heart and embrace the cosmic waves to unlock the gates to our subconscious wisdom.

 This full moon encourages us to immerse ourselves in the soothing waters of our inner awareness, prompting a journey inward to the core of our essence. It beckons a call for inner peace and acceptance. It’s an optimal time for meditation, an invitation to recharge your spiritual batteries. If you’ve drifted from your spiritual practice, consider this the cosmos gently nudging you back on track!

 In the Vedic tradition as we step into the commencement of Pitru Paksha following this full moon, a fortnight dedicated to honouring our ancestors, the veil between the earthly realm and the divine becomes thinner and it’s a period of reconnection to our roots, extending gratitude to our ancestors for their presence and influence in our lives. During this sacred fortnight, the blessings from our lineage bless us.

 Also seekers, stay attuned to your dreams during this period—they may hold messages or insights that have been awaiting revelation.

 As you navigate through the energies of this full moon, remember, the peace and wisdom you seek often reside in the stillness of your own being.