The Solar Eclipse in Ashwini Nakshatra on April 19/20 is represented by the power and stamina of a horse in flight.

Sun and Moon will be in Aries – So if you are Aries signs (Ascendant or moon sign) you will be feeling the effects more than most.

The eclipse is an annual event, but this year they are joined by Rahu as well, so this will start to influence or give you new ideas about your identity (Sun) and your mind (moon).   Rahu can give new ideas, or he could corrupt us, so we need to always be moving towards the light.   It is never a good idea to make any decisions a few days before and after an eclipse to make sure you are making the right decisions. 

This is a time for Sadhana and other practices, to help keep emotions in check.   Sudden emotions can come to the surface at this time, but they are coming up to be released, as this is all about new directions, just make sure you are moving and maintaining a positive one. 

As Jupiter will also be entering Aries (April 22nd – and will be there for a year) it is good to be prepared for action, this is when you will feel a push of energy to be brave and take a risk… 

The energy of the eclipse can last for 3-6 months so use this powerful and enthusiastic energy with the Jupiter energy present to ignite your passion and drive you forward. Take a moment to reflect on what tasks or projects you have been putting off and start taking steps towards pursuing your passions and interests. Consider what you are truly passionate about and willing to put in the effort to achieve. Find inspiration in your pursuits and make a commitment to focus on and prioritise them.

It’s time to act and to move towards the things that bring you joy and fulfilment.