Astrology Chart Print


Discover the unique story of your life with our personalised Astrology Chart, detailing your Ascendant, Moon, and Sun placements, and revealing the deeper aspects of your personality and character. Each chart is individually meticulously crafted and customised, offering profound insights into your personal journey and inner self.  This is a unique one of a kind gift to yourself or a loved one.


Custom Astrology Chart Print. 

Your Astrology chart, a unique narrative of your life and personal journey, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Upon placing your order, we’ll request your Birth date, Time, and Location. I will then create your chart, ensuring every aspect is tailored to your personal story. Following this, Donna will meticulously integrate all relevant information into your chart. The final masterpiece will vividly display the positions of all the planets at the time of your birth, with explanations offering a profound glimpse into your astrological makeup.

Each text box in your personalised Astrology Chart provides a detailed and unique interpretation. It begins with your Rising/Ascendant sign, shedding light on how you present yourself to the world. Next, we explore the Moon’s placement, delving into its influence on your life, offering insights into your mind and emotions, and how these shape your interactions with the world. The Sun’s placement is analysed to reveal aspects of your personality and your innermost self. We also examine the Nakshatra, the specific constellation where your Moon resides, to uncover deeper layers of your personality. The final section, ‘Qualities of your Character’, interprets how the energies in your chart manifest in your life. These insights are meticulously crafted for each individual, ensuring no two charts are alike.


Get your custom Astrology Chart, an ideal and unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Perfect for celebrating a newborn, a birthday, or as a special treat, this chart is not just a gift, but a journey into self-discovery.

Chart is designed by renowned Australian Artist – Donna Gibb https://donnagibbartist.com.au/


Once you have ordered this print, you will receive an email where you will enter the birth chart information  – Name of person chart is for as well as – place – date and time of birth.    There are currently 2 options for framing a white frame or a timber frame.  Address where it is to be sent to as well as any other personal message you would like to add.


Unframed – A3

Framed – 62cm x 45cm


In the email you receive after purchase, if there is a specific time-frame you need this sent out by, please specify in the email.  As there are a few hours of work required for each chart – please allow 2 weeks for dispatch.  Postage is included if sent within Australia – for International delivery and tracking we will be in touch with options  (please allow up to $50AUD)


Additional information


Not Framed

White Frame A3

A3 – White Frame

Timber Frame

A3 – Timber Frame