Hello Seekers 

November’s full moon on the 27th is in the sign of Taurus and within the Nakshatra of Rohini, represented by the red eye of the bull. Its core essence is its quest for spiritual liberation, guided by Brahma, the universe’s creator. Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, blesses this time with creative energy, facilitating the manifestation of our deepest desires. As an earth sign, Taurus ensures that the fruits of our endeavours find solid ground, and it encourages us to take on spiritual responsibilities with unwavering strength.


Yet, in the shadowy corners of Rohini, there lurk temptations – the allure of unbridled luxury, stubbornness, flashes of impatience, and the green-eyed monster of jealousy. We must tread with care, consciously choosing the higher values of this full moon: gratitude and self-love. By honouring ourselves and nurturing self-love, we create a reservoir of love to share with others.


Currently, the Sun and Mars blaze a fiery trail through Scorpio, an intensity that requires us to consider where our desires are leading us. We must channel our energy and commitments toward positive change, guided by our highest values and purpose. It’s a time to tune into our inner voices and break free from repetitive patterns. Consider a japa practice or tapas (sacrifice for transformation), even a commitment to a daily practice – a powerful way to harness this transformative energy.


This full moon isn’t just about personal evolution; it ripples outward, contributing to the world’s transformation. By nurturing the light within us, we become beacons of positive change. This is our moment of awakening, the spark that sets the world alight with transformation. 

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