Hello Seekers 

Welcome to the first full moon of 2024 which is in the sign of Cancer,  and in the nurturing Nakshatra of Pushya. Pushya, a symbol of sustenance, reflects Cancer’s moon-ruled maternal embrace—offering nourishment and nurturing akin to a mother’s tenderness.


In Vedic astrology, this celestial alignment is a herald of spiritual blossoming—an auspicious time to embed and deepen your spiritual practices, setting a tone of profound growth for the months to come.


As the Sun makes its journey through the sign of Capricorn, we are called to introspect: What paths are we treading? What burdens must we release? And what energies are we choosing to carry into this new cycle? It’s a delicate dance of introspection and balance, a blend of yin and yang, that we must navigate.


The cosmic stage is full of activity as Venus, Mercury, and Mars convene in the expansive realm of Sagittarius— which is ruled by Jupiter, so this is casting an inspiring gaze upon them. This is a time to tap into the energy that drives and motivates, that fuels our quest for purpose. Harness this potent force, and let it instil in you the discipline and passion to propel your journey forward.


Use this full moon to align the inner self with your outer actions and aspirations. Be clear in your direction and let the celestial forces that be—this nurturing full moon and the dynamic planetary aspects—be the catalyst for your heart’s deepest desires.


With the coming months heralding significant shifts, which I will delve into further in time, let this moment be your time of clarity and intent.  I encourage you to find harmony and courage to embrace the journey ahead.  

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