May 30, 2020 9:00 am - May 31, 2020 5:00 pm Newcastle Health Collective - 19 Queen St, Cooks Hill



March 28th + 29th – Newcastle Health Collective – 19 Queen Street, Cooks Hill 2300

Did you have big plans to make 2020 your best year yet?

How are you tracking with  the big new year’s resolutions?

Are you like 80% of people who don’t last 30 days pursuing what you truly want?


Are you part of the 92% of people that never actually achieve what they set out to do at the beginning of each year?



It’s no surprise that these are the statistics. If it was as easy as saying you want something and then it happened, life would be very different.

NOW is your opportunity to create the perfect foundation to set yourself up for your best year yet!

Book your spot now and join Dan and Geoff on their two-day UPGRADE2020 urban retreat in Newcastle.

The powerful duo from Ascending Minds have created the ultimate experience for you to unload the stresses of the holiday season, recapture your true essence of being,  by connecting you back to your true self and the natural world, and uncovering your deep purpose and direction for the year ahead.

With Geoff’s vast experience in Vedic Meditation, Vedic Astrology and Sattva Yoga, and Dan’s background as a Holistic health and lifestyle coach, your time at UPGRADE2020 will have you walking away with all the tools and practices you need to have your most centred, fulfilling and productive year to date.

After the success of RESET2020 – Dan and Geoff wanted to offer another chance to get on track this year.  So UPGRADE2020 is your ticket.   We will be running 4 Urban retreats every year to keep you on track, and for any refresh that you need.

Dan and Geoff combine the wisdom of 5000-year-old techniques with the latest science and peak performance health and coaching strategies and practices, to provide you with a comprehensive approach that will have you unlocking your unbounded potential in all areas of life.

When combined with the Ascending Minds ’Be in Flow’ Goal Setting blueprint, you’ll be dancing your way to your ideal life and begin reaping the rewards of continuing your year with a solid foundation and crystal-clear clarity on where you are heading and what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Throughout the UPGRADE2020 retreat, we focus on the five pillars to a happy, healthy and purposeful life, including movement, nutrition, meditation, sleep and progressive mindset. Each day is structured to make the most of our time together.  Whilst also giving you time with Dan and Geoff to really personalise your experience.

If you don’t have a current meditation practice, Geoff will teach you Vedic Meditation a technique that has changed so many lives, he will take you through a ceremony where you will receive your own personalised mantra and then teach you how to use it.   This technique is over 5000 years old, and once you have it, you don’t need apps or anything every again. If you already have a Vedic Meditation practice you will receive an advanced technique to upgrade and deepen your daily practice.

Also, each attendee of UPGRADE2020 will be given a one on one Vedic Astrology reading. This private reading will enable you to see your current life path, gain insight, understanding and direction on where you are heading, as well as receiving guidance towards finding your life’s purpose, and why your life has unfolded the way it has up to now.   These readings are an invaluable tool and source of information that holds the key to revealing what actions you need to take and aspects you need be aware of in order to remain on track to achieving your goals.

In addition, Dan will breakdown each of the pillars and facilitate you creating a holistic health plan and integration strategy that will allow you to access your true power and potential, whilst maintaining the energy to stay focused with inspired action.  He will also be doing a timeline therapy session to find where your blockages are, and get rid of whatever limiting beliefs are holding you back, so you can propel yourself forward.


The daily schedule consists of:

Meditation – Initiation and session

UPGRADE  sessions – Holistic health coaching

Afternoon Integration session -Astrology / Timeline therapy

Afternoon meditation and knowledge session

This retreat is designed to give you a full RESET and UPGRADE you for the rest of the year.

Reset your health, reset your goals, upgrade your life.



The retreat costs

$997 p/person – for both days

We are also doing a special offer for friends (or as we like to call them – accountability parter)

$1497 (for 2 people) 

This includes: –

Vegetarian Lunch

Course in Vedic Meditation

Vedic Astrology Session

Holistic Health Plan + Integration strategy

UPGRADE Sessions

Generous follow-up program, to make sure you hit the goals!!

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