April 10, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am 179 Union St, The Junction NSW 2291

Discover how Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to give you adaptation energy, so that you can deal with things like the stresses of your daily life, which will help you with insomnia, anxiety and just overall health and wellness.

Choose a time and date for a Free 45 min – no obligation Intro Talk on Vedic Meditation, where you can find out how this technique differs from others out there, and you are able to ask me questions about how we can integrate this ancient practice into our everyday life.

During this free session, I will explain the countless benefits of Vedic Meditation:

• How a 20-minute meditation is scientifically equivalent to up
to 4 hours of deep rest
• Improved concentration and ability to focus
• Remain calm under pressure building adaptation energy
• Slows the ageing process (slow down your biological clock!)
• Improve sleep and maintain a greater sense of happiness
• Reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue – discover how to tap into
the Relaxation Response!

I will also dispel the myths around meditation:

Myth 1. ‘I don’t have time’

Meditation is scientifically proven to show improvements in focus, attention, and the ability to ignore distractions… hence making your MORE productive!

Everyone can find 20mins twice a day to give back to yourself. Something you do for YOU.

Myth 2. ‘I don’t want to sit in a cave like a yogi… it’s a bit hippy for me’

You don’t need to sit in strange positions – or burn an incense candle. You can do it anywhere. It is a simple effortless technique.

Myth 3. ‘I have too many thoughts to concentrate on meditation’

Thoughts are part of meditation; it is your bodies way of releasing stress. Thoughts can be there in the background. It is natural for you to have thoughts.

If you want greater mental clarity to make better decisions in your life – this is for you

If you are wanting the edge in every aspect of your life – this is for you

Choose the time that best suits you and let’s have a chat

I cannot wait to meet you,
~ Geoff Rupp