March 6th – 10th 2024 – GYMEA RETREAT

Byron Bay Hinterland 


Are you ready to access the vibration of flow?
Vibration is the foundational force that underpins everything in the universe. It structures and creates all things we feel, witness, and experience in our reality. However, so often in life we experience people, situations or undertake habits that lower our vibration, moving us away from a place of flow. It’s your ability to shift, adjust and elevate your vibration that allows you to tap into the abundant flow or life force energy in the universe and anchor yourself in the present moment, that creates the clarity you need to understand your past experiences and attract a higher vibrational flow into your life, that is more in alignment with your purpose and potential.

At our upcoming Vibration Of Flow retreat, we bring together:

  • How to move your body to create more energy, reduce inflammation and increase mobility.
  • How to use meditation to quiet the monkey mind, improve focus and increase mental clarity.
  • Learning specific Himalayan breathing techniques designed to connect and align your body, mind and soul allowing you to manage stress and anxiety and release the negative effects from your body, while aligning and balancing the chakra points of the body
  • Learn easy to implement strategies around nutrition and hydration that decrease inflammation, increase energy, minimise cravings and enhance skin health.
  • Understand the importance of quality sleep to improve recovery and boost your immune system.
  • How to integrate and adopt a growth mindset that allows you to access flow state in everyday life, in turn taking control of your emotions, managing your thoughts, and nurturing deeper relationships grounded in self-acceptance.

Over our NEW 5-day schedule at a NEW amazing retreat space that is nestled in and under the high energy and sacred Mt Warning in beautiful Uki, we’ve curated a program which includes daily:

  • Himalayan Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Puja (gratitude ceremony)
  • Ascending Minds Holistic Lifestyle content
  • Ascending Minds Flow Integration sessions

We also help enhance your experience through providing a 2hr healing spa circuit, and an evening flow cacao ceremony on the Friday night to a live DJ throwing down some deep vibes for the evening after playing live throughout our afternoon Ascending Minds Flow Integration session. You also have access to the on-site facilities and brilliant nature hikes.
On this retreat we are going deep into the chakras, aligning and amplifying the energy centres of the physical body, calibrating and connecting you to your divine spiritual nature

Whether you have a consistent practice and are ready to take it to the next level, or you are a beginner wanting to experience the power of breathwork-kriya-yoga-meditation, along with our Ascending Minds Holistic Life content this retreat is designed to meet you where you are at, and align you to your potential, waking you up to gain clarity in the areas where you need to develop your purposeful potential to transform and become the person who inspires others to awaken to their journey.


Our New Venue – Gymea Eco Retreat

This year we are moving to a new retreat space – Gymea Retreat in Uki – Gymea Eco Retreat is a sustainable eco retreat at the base of the majestic Mt Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales.  This venue provides guests with the perfect environment to compliment a transformational experience.   Each room is equipped with an eco inner sprung latex topped bed and includes a shower and toilet in each room.   There is a large yoga/meditation Shala, with balcony dining spaces, a healing spa, and complementary access to the 20m long resort style Magnesium/Potassium mineral swimming pool.  The space is nestled on 113acres of naturally undulating rainforest with walking tracks and stunning views of Wollumbin (Mt Warning).

Cost of self-Investment: – 

The price includes a 1x 2 hour spa circuit session for each person, room, food.    Any additional spa circuit or massage will be at your own expense.

  • Secure your Spot – $297
  • Twin Share Room – $2447 p/person
  • King Double room – $4697  (2 people)
  • King Single Room  – $2836 (1 person)

Payment plans are available  – pay the (secure my spot) deposit, and then contact Geoff to organise the payment schedule.

++All food is provided, we have secured Zohar from Luscious Food to once again cook for our participants. (please inform us of any specific dietary requirements after booking)

There are NO refunds if you change your mind or can’t make it.  Payments will be honoured and moved to our next retreat or event on another date. Please see our refund policy on our website here

VIBRATION OF FLOW RETREAT – March 6th – 10th 2024